A while back I wrote and directed a spec pilot for television called The Producer, with my friend, Heath Ryan.  It stars Billy Zane and Spencer Garrett. Below is a link to it.

Over the years I've made a bunch of films and written countless scripts.  Most of them haven't been as successful as I hoped. And if I'm honest, this was usually for good reason.  However, this is the exception.

Heath and I made The Producer and when it was done we were both so happy with it.  Of anything I've ever made in my life, this came closest to being in the end what I hoped it would be when I first sat down to write it.  That said, we were never able to sell it and it's one of the great frustrations of my life.  TV shows are just hard to sell, I guess.

When we finished making this pilot Heath and I were so proud of it and so filled with hope and optimism that we went to the trouble of mapping out the entire first season and actually wrote a few more episodes of the show.  Yes, we wrote additional episodes for a show that no one had asked us to make the first one of.  To this day, it's not uncommon for me to call Heath (or vice versa) and say, "I've got a great idea for season 2 of The Producer".  

All that said, I don't think The Producer will ever see the light of day.  So if you've found your way to this page of this website - I hope you enjoy it.

Sean McGinly